Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Something really good... and really naughty

Have you heard? Or, we should say, have you seen?

Our drivers wanted to do something special and a bit different to help raise money for our new Charity of the Year, the Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance. They came up with stripping off and taking part in their own really good, yet really naughty, 2015 calendar.

Sacrificing their uniforms for a daring photo shoot, drivers and office staff used oversized MANGO smart cards, tyres, folders, and bus parts to preserve their modesty.

Our very own Steve, Aana and Zippy promote the calendar

Around 300 trentbarton staff voted for the life-saving service from 10 charities put forward as potential beneficiaries of the firm’s fundraising efforts. Their adopted charity for 2014, Help for Heroes, is set to receive around £8,000 from their efforts this the year.

In total, 30  of our team volunteered for the calendar shoot, with images depicting them in a variety of work settings, such as driving, washing vehicles and adding fuel.

We caught up with Alex Hornby, our Marketing & Communications Director, who explained: 

“This is yet another example of an excellent fundraising effort, driven by trentbarton staff who were always prepared to show their charitable, as well as cheeky, side!

“The idea for the calendar came from them, and it says a lot for their sense of community that so many volunteered to take part.”

Grab your copy for just £4.99 from any trentbarton shop - you'll find us at Broadmarsh, Victoria & Derby bus stations and our bases at Langley Mill and Sutton Lammas Road. All proceeds will go straight to the Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

There's a great deal going on - on H1

We've got a few really good deals on H1 at the moment - our really quick bus between Heanor and Derby, running every 15 mins during the day.

We've offered a weekender '2 ride together' deal in the run-up to Christmas and we're now bringing students a January Sale when they use a 16-19 or student MANGO - with fares starting from just 75p - ideal if you go to Derby College's Broomfield Hall site (where we stop right outside!). 

We like to do a few promotions from time to time, just like any other retailer does. You've probably already noticed in your supermarket that there's often deals on this and deals on that. They change now and again, and it's all designed to get you interested in a product you might not have already bought. 

And a ticket on our H1 is worth buying. We invested in NEW SH1NY BUSES a year ago, and they're still cutting a dash now. They've got the fastest 4G wifi around so you can always stay connected - ideal on a route that travels through some countryside which means signal drop-out zones on older mobile technology. There's posh comfy seats, double glazing to keep the condensation away (and to keep you warm), next stop announcements and, of course, the best drivers in the business - many of whom are on first-name terms with their customers. 

Another great 1st birthday present on H1 is a doubling of the evening service. We'll be running every 30 mins, Mon to Sat, after 7pm right until last bus - and that includes on weekend nightbus trips until 3am from Derby too. Check out the new timetable which starts in a few weeks at the website below. 

What are you waiting for? Give the H1 a go between Derby, Heanor and Alfreton today.


Saturday, December 27, 2014


And just like that, Christmas is over. But there's still something exciting to look forward to - FREERIDE SUNDAY.

Yes, one of our most successful promotions in getting people on to the bus and out in our local towns & cities is back for another year! 

All bus fares are waived for that special hour - and it's available across the whole of trentbarton land on any of our buses. The only exceptions are on pronto and skylink Derby-Leicester which are operated or shared with other bus companies.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there this January on Sundays - a bus ride out is even better when it's free! 


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It's Christmas!

That's right, as Noddy Holder has probably reminded us numerous times already this year, "it's Chriiiiissssttmaaas!" and we're all hopefully preparing for some happy times with our families.

We have just one day off a year - 25 December - with buses running every other day, including on Boxing Day when we've again increased our range of timetables operating. This is a day which gets busier for us each year. A big thank you to all our team out there on 26 December, as well as those giving up their New Years Eve to get our customers home on our nightbus routes well into the early hours of 1 January 2015. And, yes, we're back again running on New Years Day as well with several routes running during the daytime. 

Do show our Boxing Day, New Years Eve night and New Years Day buses your support - more info on timetables is available at trentbarton.co.uk/christmas2014

It's been another eventful year in trentbarton land - we've seen more new buses, more refurbished buses and increased services, as well as 4G wifi and power points on board for the first time this year, all to help keep you - our lovely customers - moving in style!  

That leads us nicely to thanking you for your custom throughout the year and us wishing you - and those closest to you - a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year.

All the best from us all at trentbarton :) 

Friday, October 31, 2014

MANGO... more rewarding the more you use it

We’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to understand how most people use MANGO and what we can do to make MANGO more rewarding. Independent research and talking to you – our customers – has helped us plan what we do next. It’s clear that we need to focus the rewards on people who use MANGO the most.

So, here's what we're going to do from Sunday 2 November...

caps frozen – with £5 MANGOmoney back on week caps!


In spite of recent price increases to zigzag, we are not changing the ‘after 9am’ day cap of… 
  • £5 adult MANGO
  • £2.50 micro MANGO for under 16's
with new lower caps for 16-19 MANGO and student MANGO
  • £4.50 16-19 MANGO
  • £4.50 student MANGO

The week cap will also stay frozen, but with £5 MANGOmoney back (credit back to your account) when you hit £30 and even lower caps for micro, 16-19 and student MANGO users.
  • £30 adult MANGO - with £5 MANGOmoney back
  • £15 micro MANGO - with £2.50 MANGOmoney back
  • £25 16-19 MANGO - with £4.50 MANGOmoney back
  • £25 student MANGO - with £4.50 MANGOmoney back

The 28 day cap will also stay at £95, with new discounts for 16-19 and student MANGO holders too.
  • £95 adult MANGO
  • £47.50 micro MANGO
  • £75 16-19 MANGO
  • £75 student MANGO
Note that the after 9am rule only applies on day caps - travel before 9am will be included on your week or 28 day caps

MANGOmoney back

When you hit the week cap, we’ll give you credit back to you card. You’ll get an email prompt to release the credit to your MANGO. Make sure you take us up on it - look out for your email and check that all your details are registered in your MANGO account.

changes to discounts on individual journeys

We’re keen to reward people the more they use their MANGO, which is why we’ve made the day, week and 28 day caps great value.

The discount on individual trips will change as follows:
  • on adult MANGO and micro MANGO, single trips will be discounted by at least 15% or better (no longer 25% off)
  • on student MANGO and 16-19 MANGO, single trips will be discounted by at least 25% or better (no longer 35% off)

pick the best price, pick MANGO

Despite these changes, the key message remains… by picking MANGO, you’re getting the best deal – whether you travel lots or just now and again.

For more info see trentbarton.co.uk/mango

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Superheroes of trentbarton land

Our drivers are the backbone of our business. On the front line and meeting our customers minute-by-minute, day-by-day, they are the face of our company and do many, many really good things as they go about their work.

We thought we'd celebrate all this really good stuff with our customers earlier this year. Just after our really good service awards, we launched a Superheroes of trentbarton land campaign with leaflets on all buses and a nifty little area of our website explaining just some of the really good things our people do - showcasing a number of different drivers going the extra mile, all in the name of giving exceptional service or showing amazing care towards our customers.

Well, we've now gone a step further and launched our Superheroes of trentbarton land bus!

The bus out on its first day. Thanks to Matt Burley for sending us the photo!

The bus features our very own John, Allan, Kel, Elaine, Ashley and Barney flying around on the unique livery.

If you'd like to read more behind these really good people and why they feature - check out our Superheroes of trentbarton land web area at www.trentbarton.co.uk/superheroes

Saturday, July 19, 2014

rainbow reloaded

Over 20 years ago, Trent Buses (as we were then) introduced the 'rainbow' concept. This was the brand we gave for an added value of customer service to what had become an outdated bus product, based after a year or so of talking to customers to really appreciate what they wanted from a bus company.

Friendly drivers, fixed on that route; clean buses inside and out; a timetable that we stick to and a clear understanding of what the route does were the key things that stood out in the surveys. No real surprises, but at that time, it was truly groundbreaking that a bus company would listen and then follow up and do things that their customers wanted. But now, it's just how we operate. Every year, we do over 15 research projects a year to keep us in tune with our business needs. It's second nature to us.

Anyway, back to 'rainbow'. The concept of this level of added value has now been rolled out to every part of trentbarton. But it was the critical element that helped us stand out and prove to our customers that we mean business.

Therefore, we felt it important that it should live on. And where better than on rainbow one, one of our busiest routes, right through the heart of trentbarton land  and currently seeing a £2 million investment in brand new buses.

One of the new rainbow one buses awaits service at our Langley Mill depot

As we always like to do, we're moving the game on - again. Double glazing and comfortable seats with leather headrests are a standard feature - but we're proud to bring the first ever buses with USB power sockets to be introduced locally, along with free 4G enabled fast wifi and next stop visual & audio displays - including a guest appearance from Peter Dickson, the voice behind the X Factor and Britain's Got Talent, who is helping us launch the new buses at Nottingham Castle. The buses really are amongst the most highly specified vehicles around - all built right here in the UK up the road in Yorkshire. 

Our smart new interior

So, we've got a bit to celebrate - and we'd love for you to join us.

rainbow reward

On Saturday 19 July, our competition winners Mandie and Daniel Mullins from Eastwood become some of the first people to ever drive one of our new buses with their own driving experience. 15 year old bus-mad Daniel gets the bus named after him too.

rainbow roadwalk

Then on Sunday, our team and some of our customers, led by Mr MANGO and our bosses Jeff and Alex, complete an 8 mile walk of the rainbow one route from Nottingham to Eastwood to help raise money for our Charity of the Year, Help for Heroes. We'd welcome donations here.

rainbow roadshow

And then during the week, you can come and preview the new buses in Kimberley on Wednesday 23rd, Ripley on Thursday 24th, Alfreton on Friday 25th as well as on Heanor Market Place on Saturday 26th.

rainbow relaunch

On Saturday 26th July, it all begins again - as the old rainbow 1 buses are replaced one by one during the day with the smart new buses. 

And then starts a new perspective to our 'rainbow' story. 

We hope you enjoy using the new buses. 

The buses being prepared for the entry into service

Read more at www.trentbarton.co.uk/rainbowreloaded and join the rainbow roadwalk fundraising at www.justgiving.com/rainbowroadwalk